Cool Showers.


Cool Showers.
I was having a hot shower the other night and something happened to the hot water heater which made the water go cool.  Not cold like the showers I like to take a lot of the time, but cool.  Just enough to slow seep through my skin and calmly send my body temp south a couple of degrees.  It occurred to me at that moment that for a lot of people, the idea of a cold shower is probably quite psychotic!  So much so that they probably have no interest at all in doing it!
I am grateful for this lesson given to me by the hot water heater, because it made me think about how there is still a lot of benefit to be gained from dropping your body’s core temp like this, especially before before bed and even if it’s not the cold hard subjection of freezing water at ten at night in the dead of winter.
One part of the ideal sleeping environment involves a drop the body’s core temperature.  If you can get a head start before you lay your head down, you are going to find that deep restorative cycle of sleep will come a lot sooner and you will wake up feeling more rested.  A cold or cool shower is one way you can do this and you can also do a few other things around your room too. 
Crack a window and get some fresh cool air into your room.  We aren’t going for prison vibes here, just a little drop in the temp.  Set this stage enough and when you walk through the door and sense the change in environment your body will come to know that it is time to rest.  A little less weight on the bed helps too.  Waking up a sweaty mess is never a good thing, so don’t go overboard on how many blankets you have either.  Choosing a light breathable cotton helps too.
There’s no need to be a Nazi about all this but if you are finding it hard to go to sleep naturally at night, this is just one element that you do have control over and will make a difference.  Sleep is really really important!  Studies have shown that even without dietary changes, getting more of it and better quality sleep can help you lose weight.  It can help you become more insulin sensitivity and does improve mental health.  Cool things down and see how you feel.

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