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If you are looking to dive into this work, the best step you can take is to access the Find a Trainer site and look for someone who teaches in your area.  Foundation Training is a learning process and getting some eyes on you is a huge help.  However, if you can't find someone who teaches in your area, Foundation Training has created a beautiful solution that you can take with you anywhere.  Core Elements is a comprehensive online tutorial system which guides you through each Foundation Training pose, with detailed instruction and guidance and even offers mini workouts to follow along with.  I use it as part of my morning routine, pretty much every day and can't sing my praises high enough.

If you live in the LA area and are looking for some private instruction, please send me an email as I would love to help.  If you are in Venice and looking for a great way to bring in the weekend and combat your week of desk-boundness, come to my group class.  I'm down at the Brooks Avenue Lifeguard Tower, every Friday at 7:30am.  

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