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Investing in a Home Holistic personal movement and wellness program means that you will gain information and exercises tailored to your body’s individual needs.  Home Holistic works with all people and has helped numerous athletes, actors and executives look, feel and perform at their highest in a mindful and sustainable way.  Employing a combination of movement, breath work, diet and careful planning Home Holistic will help you reach your highest potential in your chosen sport, work or daily life..



Home Holistic tailors Foundation Training and Ginastica Natural classes to your business, sports club or events.  Catering to groups of 5-20 and servicing the greater LA area, I come to you.  The benefits of bringing this practice into your workplace or event include:

  • Creating community, teamwork and leadership.
  • Lower healthcare costs available from insurance companies.
  • Lower stress and anxiety levels.
  • Enhance employee strength, posture, health and decrease chronic pain.
  • Decrease employee fatigue and mid-day lulls.
  • Decrease frequency & duration of absenteeism.
  • Improve overall health, physical and emotional wellbeing.