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Foundation Training is a system of exercises designed to alleviate back pain and correct poor posture.  Using the muscles of respiration in a specific and very focused way, poses work to lengthen and strengthen your core muscles and spine and teach you how to integrate and strengthen the strongest muscles of your body, alleviating pain and increasing mobility.  If keeping your body decompressed and strong is part of your healthy lifestyle, then Foundation Training is a tool you have to learn.

Nick is one of a small number in LA who teach this system and is based out of Venice Beach, California.  He teaches two classes a month in El Segundo and offers private coaching as well as tailored packages and workshops for workplaces, sporting clubs and events.


Dr Eric Goodman

"Foundation Training is a series of exercises created to alleviate acute and chronic pain, improve posture and enhance athletic ability, through the integration of your body's muscle chains and proper movement patterns." Dr. Eric Goodman.

Eric is doctor of Chiropractic and created Foundation Training as a tool for himself to avoid a major spinal surgery of his own. After practicing for over 10 years, Eric continues to live life free of pain and has been able to share his system with thousands of people worldwide.

To find out more, visit Foundationtraining.com



Ginastica Natural is a flow of yoga, stretching, breathing, strength training and animal movements.  This full body workout, comprises of functional and unconventional movement patterns; improving body awareness and aerobic fitness.  Many of the top surfers and fighters in the world are using the system as a way to train and prepare their bodies for the high demands and wear and tear that is placed on them in their sports.  If you are lacking mobility, wanting to improve your surfing or jujitsu or just looking for a fun new way to explore your body and movement, Ginastica Natural will become your new favorite thing.