About Nick


I have been training in Health and Movement for over 10 years, studying under some of the most respected doctors and coaches in the world. An Australian expat and a surfer since childhood, my studies are a reflection of what I see around me.

Growing up in a surf community and now living in a city like Los Angeles, I came to recognize universal broken movement patterns and a persistent environment that limits human movement.

With an evolutionary perspective and a host of well-versed mentors, I have formed a holistic vision of health that is always expanding.

I am a student of Foundation Training, Functional Range Conditioning, Ginastica Natural, the CHEK system, Power Speed Endurance and Precision Nutrition.


It took us roughly 300,000 years to evolve into the human bodies we have today.  We descended from the trees, learned how to walk and figured out how to create fire. And our brains grew rapidly as a result of the huge increase in calories and nutrition that came from being able to cooked eat meat and root vegetables.  

We are a highly adaptive species. Just because we can look back and see how we evolved, does not mean that we have stopped evolving to this day. We are still adapting to the very environment that we have now created for ourselves.

Before today, survival meant that we were constantly on the move. We were nomads and everyday we would be running, jumping, throwing, carrying, and when we had what needed, we would retreat to our small communities, socialize with close friends and family and rest and relax as we needed.  Our bodies adapted to conserve energy, and we ate only what we needed.

As we shifted into the industrial age, we designed our lives to be as comfortable as possible. So much so, that we now consume food that is void of nutrition and high in calories, drive cars wherever we need to go and, when we get to our place of work or rest, collapse into our comfortable furniture, compressing our insides, causing us to feel sluggish, sick and, over time, in pain.  

We now move less and eat more than we ever have in history and, as a result, chronic pain and illness are becoming the norm.  The speed at which we are evolving cannot keep up with our advancements in technology and so a re-education is needed in order to look back at what we have been naturally selected to do and use that information to balance the effect that our modern lifestyle is having upon us.  

Our DNA holds hundreds of thousands of years worth of experience and it can reprogrammed based on how we live our lives. I'm in the business of movement. Every time you move, you are telling your DNA how to express itself.  It is my goal to use this information to help you adapt for the better.

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