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Private coaching sessions provide you with focused, 1-on-1 attention. I’ll design a program is tailored to your specific needs, whether that is getting out of pain, increasing mobility or losing a few pounds. I have helped numerous athletes, actors and executives look and feel their best. Employing a combination of movement, breathing techniques, and dietary recommendations I work with you to reach higher in your chosen sport, work or daily life.



Home Holistic offers Foundation Training/ Movement and wellness classes for your business, sports club or events.  Catering to groups of 5-20 and servicing the greater LA area, I come to you.  The benefits of bringing this practice into your workplace or event include:

  • Create community, teamwork and leadership.

  • Lower healthcare costs.

  • Lower stress and anxiety levels.

  • Enhance employee strength, posture, health and decrease chronic pain.

  • Decrease employee fatigue and mid-day lulls.

  • Decrease frequency & duration of absenteeism.

  • Improve overall health, physical and emotional wellbeing.