I refer to Foundation Training as the hand grenade in my practice - If the patterns present themselves, I can throw it out there and it takes care of about 80% of the aches and pains that I see in my clients.

It is very specific, has a bit of a learning curve and is powerful when you are fully invested.

Foundation Training is all about creating space within the body. It lengthens, strengthens and integrates muscle chains, whilst correcting common rotational imbalances. Created by Dr. Eric Goodman as a way to get out of back pain himself, it has since grown and adapted to help people with many different symptoms of pain by teaching the body to move more efficiently and better disperse the compressive forces of gravity.

Think yoga but with a strengthening component, aimed to combat the poor postures that we are adapting into due to modern lifestyles.

It comprises itself on many powerful exercises designed to alleviate back pain and correct poor posture. Using the muscles of respiration in a specific and very focused way, poses work to lengthen and strengthen your core muscles and spine, and teach you how to integrate and strengthen the strongest muscles of your body, alleviating pain and increasing mobility.  If keeping your body decompressed and strong is part of your healthy lifestyle, then Foundation Training is a tool you have to learn.

I am one of a small number of certified instructors in LA who teach this system. Based in Venice Beach, California, I see private Coaching clients at 34 Degrees North in Santa Monica.