Functional Range conditioning

If you don’t use the range of motion you were given when you were born, one day, no doubt you will lose it. Functional Range Conditioning can help you get that range of motion back, maintain it and bulletproof it. It takes you beyond being flexible and steers away from the idea that passive inputs will lead to long lasting change. Mobility is about controlling your flexibility and increasing the resiliency of your human tissue, whether it be muscle, tendon, ligament or bone.

Functional Range Conditioning, or FRC®, is a trademarked system of mobility and joint control training based in scientific principles and research.”

As a trained practitioner, I use it with clients to ensure their movement is of the highest quality. Often I see clients who have joint pain due lack of movement, lack of space or inappropriate loading strategies. FRC offers me a thought process that is calculated, requires hard work and creates long lasting change.

Beginning with a visual assessment, I’ll watch you move in specific ways to help me to identify where you can and can’t move and how that might contribute to your symptoms.

This is a process that takes time. Biology takes time. It is a way to speak directly to your cells and instruct them on how to regenerate and so requires daily efforts to ensure an effective outcome.

I came to this work because I saw a need to prepare people for activities that took them out of neutral safe ranges and in to real life scenarios. I wanted to help people regain lost movement and be strong enough to meet the demands of a physical life. I needed to figure out why people get hurt and FRC® has given me a really great lens to see that through.