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Home Holistic provides a unique offering, combining the most respected systems in back pain management, athletic performance, diet and nutrition.

Foundation Training is a series of exercises designed to improve posture and alleviate back pain.  A combination of stretching, strength building and decompression breathing; this practice will leave you feeling lighter, taller, stronger and pain free.  

A full body workout combining yoga, Brazilian jujitsu, mobility, breath work and animal movements. Ginastica Natural teaches you how to move with less effort and more control.

To create a program that is truly holistic in nature, you need to consider how you think, what you eat and how you rest.  Using the CHEK system, Home Holistic provides a complete health and movement system that will keep you operating at your highest levels of performance.

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Home Holistic is Nick Voroshine

Nick is 29 years old and from Sydney, Australia.  He is a Functional Movement coach, living in LA and works with all people from athletes to businesses, teaching tools to get out of pain and find optimal health and performance.

Nick specializes in: 

  • Corrective and high performance exercise
  • Chronic and acute back, neck and joint pain 
  • Joint mobility and rehabilitation
  • Breath work and mindfullness
  • Health and Longevity



Nick has been training in Health and Movement for over 10 years, studying under some of the most respected coaches in the world.  He is a surfer since childhood and his studies are a reflection of what he has seen around him.  Growing up in a surf community and now living in a metropolitan city, Nick recognized a commonality of broken movement patterns and a lack of awareness. This has driven him to learn everything he can about these issues, forming a holistic vision of health that is always expanding.

Nick is a student of the CHEK system, Foundation Training and Ginastica Natural, and by combining these teachings has developed a system that builds people from the ground up, eliminating pain and increasing performance.

Nick teaches privately, at corporate events and holds a group Ginastica Natural class at Werdum Training Centre in Venice.


Actor, Chris Hemsworth on Foundation Training

“Until I started Foundation Training, I couldn’t lift Thor’s hammer... at least not without the help from Hollywood magic.  Today, I incorporate it into my everyday workouts and daily movements and I've never felt stronger, it's incredible.”


2x world surfing champion, John Florence on Ginastica Natural

"I really like this stuff because you're not trying to get buff. It's a lot of mobility and core work and it really helps with range of motion and those stabilizing muscles that are good for surfing ”


Actor Kj Apa on working with Nick

 "For my line of work, my aesthetic and physical conditioning are really important.  Nick helped me dial in my diet and exercise program so that, not only did I look the way I wanted to look, but I felt really good too.  He taught me how to fuel my body optimally and also how to rest more effectively after some pretty heavy days on set.  What I liked the most though, was how incredibly inspired I felt after every session.  That was my favorite part about working with Nick, how truly inspired he made me feel.”