A Product I've been loving


I loooove coffee.  I love it in the morning, I love it in the evening, I love it on hot days and I love it on cold days, however, if I allowed myself to drink it with as much intensity as my love for it allowed me too, I would be a shriveled up shaking mess, with screaming adrenals and no gas left in the tank to write these newsletters.

For the last year or so, I've been enjoying a couple of coffee replacement alternatives from the good people at Raw Revelations.  These guys produce a whole range of herbal supplements, tinctures and various other health food products including my favorite coffee alternatives, "Coffee Fix and Latte Fix".  These two little gems have gotten me through my coffee fasts, without any of the withdrawal effects that can come from pulling yourself away from the treasured liquid gold.  For the record, I still drink coffee, almost every day, but every now and then I give myself a break from it for a little while and this is one of the products I use to help me do so.  It doesn't contain any caffeine and is a mixture of different herbs that not only help support the adrenal glands, but also aid in detoxification of the liver and it still gives me a nice little pickup without the caffeine jitters.

Nick VoroshineComment