What's on tomorrow?


How can you make yourself happy if you don’t take the time to appreciate the things that fill you with joy.  Often times I see friends who just get so bummed on one thing, whether it’s their job or their partner or they don’t like where they live or whatever it might be, the pattern I see, is that they are stuck.  Stuck in a thinking pattern that Paul Chek calls stinking thinking.  Meaning that if you give enough energy to something, it becomes your reality.  It’s important that we recognize that that the body is hardwired to do these things and our thoughts will become our realities.  When we are able to recognize these patterns we can break them by reinforcing more beneficial or positive thought patterns. A simple way to do this is to spend 5 minutes every night before you go to bed writing down the answers to these 4 questions:

- What are three things I am grateful for?
- What did I do today that was great?
- What do I want to see happen tomorrow?
- Do I have something to get out of bed for?  If not, pick something.  

Nick VoroshineComment