Why Foundation Training?


So there is no doubt, that I found Foundation Training through the necessity of wanting to keep surfing my entire life.  As a surfer living in Venice, your long sessions are pretty few and far between (unless you are one of the GA groms), so a run of swell can really pull the body out of whack, especially if you haven't been keeping it moving... in the correct way.  I heard about FT, through various surf sites saying that Dane was doing it, Kelly and T Knox, TC and even Laird and so with the odd back tweak here and there, I knew this was something special that I needed to learn and needed to share with my clients.  I listened to this 40 or so minute podcast the other day; a conversation between the founder of Foundation Training, Dr Eric Goodman and Erik Aniston of the Progression Project, where they discuss why surfers need to supplement with other training methods if they want to stay pain free, how and when to incorporate kettle bells into your training program and how SUP and short boarding can have a balancing out effect on your body.  If you surf or know someone who does, you should listen to this podcast! 

Nick VoroshineComment