My girlfriend made me soup again!


And what a soup it was!  After the massive week and with it being "that time of the month" for her, we were both in need of some extra nourishment and what better way to get this nourishment than from eating a mixture beef heart, beef liver and beef mince (also going by the name of Carnivore Mix from my favorite butcher, Belcampo) cooked slowly in a home made chicken bone broth, full of veggies.  There's a lot of things going on in this dish and, sure I've seen many prettier pictures, but let's just talk about organ meat here.  Most people are not eating enough.  I try to eat it at least once a week.  Chris Kresser M.S will tell you that beef liver is one of the most nutritionally dense foods on earth and that if you were to never eat vegetables again, you probably would still get enough nutrients if you ate more liver.  In fact, if an animal is found dead in the wild, with its prey only having time for a quick nibble before work, most times, the liver will be gone.  I even heard, (and I'm not sure if this fact is true or not but it's still fun to think about) that some sharks have learnt to come in for the quick attack on other sharks, taking one bite right where the liver sits and then pissing off for dessert somewhere else!

So what's the go?  I thought this was about eating foods for that time of month?  Well yeah, it is!  Liver is super rich in iron, amongst many other nutrients; iron depletion being a big reason why women can feel like shit during their menstrual cycle.  It helped me this week too.  Working so hard last week for hours on end, my body was stoked to gain a little boost from this ultra high protein superfood.

The unfortunate part about organ meat, is that it isn't exactly the prettiest or the tastiest food on the menu.  The soup above was amazing, but if you don't have the time, I found a really quick and really tasty recipe for grilled chicken liver skewers with herbed butter here.

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