Bone Broth. Beauty food and Winter Immune booster

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Last week I wrote about how listening to your 4 doctors is so important at this time of the year, especially when the seasons are changing and sicknesses start doing the rounds.  This week I wanted to share another one of my favorite staples in the house and kitchen, something which I make on a weekly basis, which helps keep the immune system strong and tummies feeling good! 

I refer to broths as a beauty food because of the high content of collagen and gelatin that is found in the connective tissue and shiny ends of the bones which, when simmered for several hours, get released into the broth and when consumed regularly, can contribute to a healthy digestive system, joints, skin and hair.  

Bone broth also provides a healthy boost to the immune system with its high content of amino acids such as arginine, glycine and glutamine which aid in detoxification and add a robustness to the stomach lining where the majority of our immune cells can be found.

Kristen and I sat down with the girls over at The Moment and shared a little bit about what makes this beautiful golden liquid such a nutritional powerhouse and even shared our favorite recipe so that you can make it at home.  Check the full article here and then get simmering so that you can protect you and your family from getting the winter flus and runny poos. 

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