Get Out Of Your Way! A conversation with my two dear friends Nick and Nic.

The three CHEK trainers I know are all called Nick and they all carry around water bottles. Pretty funny words from my good mate Top and also a pretty average way to segue into some great work the double Nic(k’)s have been doing back home.  Both of these humans have been hugely inspirational to me and helped me along my journey leading me to where I sit right now in front of my computer writing the second blog installment on the highly controversial topic that is YOUR HEALTH!

Nic Laidlaw runs an epic little space called Balanced Studio in beautiful Avalon Beach in Sydney Australia.  Nick Perry, on the other hand, is highly nomadic human being, traversing his way many times up and down the Australian coast and you can find him sometimes in Avalon working alongside Nic, but more permanently on the Gold Coast at SALT Fitness in Burleigh Heads.  They are both such beautiful human beings and have a wealth of knowledge and experience that fires me so much whenever I can catch them in their busy schedules to have a rant.

If you haven’t found your way over to Nic’s YouTube channel yet, I suggest you do because he shares a lot of really easy to digest, practical knowledge and tips that would benefit everyone.  Just recently double Nic(k) sat down together to have a little chat about “getting out of your way”.  A topic that can quite often become an easy stumbling block to overcome when endeavoring on a long lasting sustainable approach to improving your health.  I found this chat to be such an awesome and motivating one, covering a range of topics from how to live out of love instead fear, how unconscious behaviors might be serving in a way to distract you from your dreams, what it means to live authentically and also how to not take yourself so fucking seriously! Have a watch and if you want to get in touch with these two legends you can find your way over to their websites below: