A modified founder you can do using a wall

The founder is a movement that has helped thousands who have suffered from lower back pain.  Just ask Jeff Bridges, the dude from The Big Lebowski.  Sometimes people are discouraged to try this at home, however here is a way that I've discovered that can encourage you to do so.
The founder wasn’t always taught the same way as it is today, it has been upgraded with the addition of decompression breathing and a few other things.  If you would like to learn how I can help you fix your lower back pain, you can reach out here. For you guys reading this at home, it’s easier to explain how to do a modified version with the aid of a wall.
I was always told in my training that you could use a wall as a prop to show how to hinge at your hips, but the ego in me never wanted to use one, and so it seems that for some time now I had missed an important step in teaching this movement pattern that often times can be difficult to understand.  It has often been said to me that you need to regress before you can progress and through my years of study, I have seen this play out time and time again. 
Playing in my garage last week, after feeling a little stiff from paddling, I stood about a foot from the wall, with my feet hip width apart, making sure my toes were in line and slightly pointed inwards. I pulled my hips back, making sure my knees stayed behind my ankles until my butt touched the wall.  From this position I lifted my arms up to the sky, just like Jeff does in the video above making myself look a bit like a skyscraper.  If you are following along at home, after several seconds, you should start to fatigue in the lower back.  You also want to make sure that your chest is lifted and you chin is pulled back.  That right there is a first generation founder, used by many to strengthen their core and lower back and free themselves from lower back pain.

Nick VoroshineComment