For all the girls in heels.


I should have written about this before New Years Eve, sorry girls.  

Even though I've been known in my time to enjoy a moment or two dressed in drag, I have never experienced the next day pain of a night out in heels.  I've sure heard about it though and looking at what they do to your feet, ankles, knees and actually everything up to your neck, I can see why you might be in pain.  Regardless, they look good and girls are always gonna where them so here's a tip I heard the other day for how to deal with the next day.

Before you head out for the night, fill up a water bottle and stick it in the freezer.  The next day when your feet are tight and sore, take the bottle out of the freezer and use it to roll out the bottoms of your feet.  The cold will help to soothe your feet and the rolling will help to create some elasticity in the muscle and fascia from being stuck in that same position all night.

Nick VoroshineComment