Flow State and Consciousness


When you check in with Dr Happiness, you are checking in with your core values.  What's important to you in your life and are you living in a way that is supportive of this.  Writing this section was a bit of a challenge this week.  I sat, I thought, I went outside, I sat, I punched a tennis ball against a wall for a bit, I threw a tantrum because there was no food in the fridge and then I  remembered a podcast that I listened to a couple weeks back that talked about flow state and consciousness.  I ended up listening to it again and it helped shine a light on a few things that were present in my life at this very time.  I realized that in pushing and pushing to get something out on paper, I had seemingly pulled myself out of this flow state that I was enjoying and I was struggling to get back in.  When I listened to this podcast, I felt a lot like I felt when I first started listening to Paul Chek about his ideas on health and how to think about health in a holistic way.  Aubrey Marcus, owner and CEO of onnit.com talks about different levels of consciousness and why it is important to get to know these different levels of yourself if you wish to change them.  I felt really inspired and I want you to be too, so if you have 45 minutes put this one on and let me know what you think.

Nick VoroshineComment