Last week I asked you do nothing, this week I want you to try something.


This week if you are feeling tired, sluggish or just a little off i want to invite you to take 20 minutes, to kick back and become fully aware of yourself.  I have used this meditation many times, both for myself and with my clients.  I feel like it is a great tool to use when life seems like it might be running a little too quick for my liking and when I feel disconnected from my body and mind.

There has been quite a bit of research on the benefits of mindful meditation and the results are plentiful.  This article from the Scientific American talks about just a few of these, such as a decrease in the size of the region of the brain associated with the fear and anxiety, increases in awareness, concentration and decision making and in some cases a decrease in perceptions of chronic pain.

Give this a go before you go to bed and see how you feel!

Nick VoroshineComment