Get outside and unplug with Ginastica Natural.

When I hear about someone catching up on their Netflix binge, whilst walking the treadmill under fluorescent lights, it makes me think about the disconnect that exists with some people and their practice and I wonder why they are even exercising in the first place.  Exercise should be seen as a supplement to our every day movement and the way I see it, it's an interaction with the world and it's surroundings.  It's an opportunity to check in with your body and to ask yourself if you are getting everything you need.  Just as we can talk about mindful eating practices, meaning making sure to chew your food, breathing in between mouthfuls and having an awareness of what exactly you are putting in your mouth, I think that it is just as important to be mindful when you are exercising. 

If you are going to take some time out of your day to exercise, you should make sure you know why you are doing it.  Is it get out of pain, destress, unplug or make the things you do each day a little bit easier?  

For me, exercise is a great way to unplug from the material world and connect with nature. Whether that means you are walking on a hiking trail, swimming in the ocean or climbing a tree. Part of what comes out of exercising in these environments is that we, as humans, can continue to develop our mind, body and spirit.  It is with this same philosophy in mind, that Alvaro Romano developed his exercise system, Ginastica Natural and so the natural progression of my work is leading me this week down to San Diego to spend some time with the man learning the philosophy and techniques that make it such a fun practice.  Look out for new classes in coming weeks, as I can't wait to share with you guys what I am about to learn.

Nick VoroshineComment