Speak your mind.


Something that I consider to be important, when looking at your health, is whether or not you are confident in speaking your opinion. I am guilty of not doing this at times, which is probably why it bothers me, but if you can't speak your mind, be confident in knowing what you want, what you need or where you want to go then it may be time to start getting comfortable being by yourself. 

A question I ask all new clients is "do you have a practice or something that you like to do by yourself?" A lot of times, when someone does not, I will see symptoms of anxiety, lack of self esteem and sometimes even chronic digestive issues that may trace back to a feeling of being uncomfortable alone.  

If we were to look at this situation in relationship to the chakra system, this type of unconscious behavior resides around the 3rd chakra (or solar plexus), which is concerned with issues of personal power and self will.  As Caroline Myss puts it, in her book Anatomy of the Spirit, "how we feel about ourselves, whether we respect ourselves, determines the quality of our life, our capacity to succeed in business, relationships, healing, and intuitive skills... if we do not like ourselves, we will be incapable of making healthy decisions.  Instead, we will direct all of our personal power for decision making into the hands of someone else: someone whom we want to impress, or someone before whom we think we must weaken ourselves to gain physical security."

I believe that spending time by yourself and creating a personal practice is a great place to start if you are looking to find your voice.  I'm lucky.  I'm a surfer and I get time to myself all the time.  As well as this, I make time for meditation, sometimes I draw things and sometimes I like to keep a journal too.  My personal practice is ever changing, depending on my mood and when I get out of the routine, it becomes noticeable to myself and the people around me.

If it sounds like you need some alone time and you're wondering where to start, try taking yourself on an artist date; a concept made popular by Julia Cameron in her book "The Artists Way", whereby you do something out of the ordinary, by yourself once a week.  It could mean you go sit on a bench by the beach that you've always thought looked nice, or maybe to see a movie or a band or some kind of workshop.  Whatever it is, do it with the intention of breaking from normality and nourishing your soul.

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