I now have three permanent classes a week and will be adding sunset pop up classes over the coming months.  You can go to my site for details and updates and I will continue posting on my Instagram for you all to follow.  You can catch me for a class at these times and locations:

  • Tuesday 11:30am: Foundation Training @Banks Journal, Newport Beach
  • Thursday 10:30am: Ginastica Natural @Werdum Training Centre, Venice
  • Saturday 9:00am: Ginastica Natural @Werdum Training Centre, Venice

This year, I've also been using some new tools and creating new programs with my private clients, which has been a really fun exploratory process.  I've been developing shoulder protocols using hand grippers, Indian Clubs, kettlebells and rings and I've started applying these tools to my knowledge on diet, breathing, posture and the core, which has been producing some really healthy results.  The idea behind this came from seeing so many people with shoulder problems and them believing that the issue lied only in the shoulder.  Whether it's lack of mobility, instability or general irritation and inflammation, shoulder problems are rarely just shoulder problems and require a holistic, whole body approach to rehab and training. 

If your shoulders are in need of some TLC, or if you want more info about group classes, or even want to host group classes in your place of business, get in touch and let's make it happen.

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