What's 5 minutes?  I had this conversation the other day when speaking with a relative about whether or not they had a meditation or breath practice.  This lady is the sweetest, she just gives and gives and gives and does whatever it takes to make sure her family and loved ones are comfortable and have everything they need.  Unfortunately all this giving has meant that time for herself has never been a priority; something not too uncommon in my practice, especially when working with Mums!  I'm sure everyone out there reading knows someone like this and you probably love them to death or maybe I'm even talking to you, if so read on to find out what to do about it!

If you are under the allusion that you don't have 5 minutes a day for yourself, then it might be time to get your priorities straight.  On the topic of meditation my friend told me that she didn't have the time and then proceeded to fire a long list of reasons why, probably clocking up 5 minutes right there!  So without sounding like I'm bashing on my mate, let me offer a couple solutions for you if you a) don't have 5 minutes for yourself or b) haven't found a meditation practice that you can commit to.

Let's talk about time management.  The idea of meditation might be enticing to some, but maybe not enough to carve out a section of your day.  So here's what you do... schedule it in.  If you have a hard time making time for yourself, schedule it in, put it on your calendar, write it in your planner and treat this time for yourself as if it were a meeting with your boss.  I know some times the feeling of guilt that can come from not working or not cleaning or not doing what it is you are conditioned to believe you have to do, but it helps when you are able to reframe that thought.  What if taking time for yourself actually made you do all those other things better?  I know it has in my life and many of the people who I work with too.  So first step is to make your time a priority.

If meditation sounds long and boring, you might just not have found the right technique.  For me, techno is mediation, for others it's running, some people just need to look at the ocean.  The point is, meditation is what you make it and for some people it is easier when you have something to attach to; a ritual, a technique a teacher a nice little spot in the house.  It's kind of counterintuitive, but if it supports you in your process, then attach as much as you need to.

If meditation is completely foreign to you or you've tried it before without success, I have a suggestion.  About a month ago I listened to a podcast with former pro surfer and one of Australia's leading performance coaches, coach Matt Griggs and in it he talked about a meditation technique called the Kelee.  So I looked it up, bought the book (which is only 15 pages long, that's how simple it is) and it has since stuck as one of my daily practices.  One of the reasons for this is that it only requires 5 minutes of your time!

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